The Cold Grey Swallows

by Slivers of Silence

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The Cold Grey Swallows was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sami Koivisto in January-February and September 2013.
All songs composed and lyrics written by Jarmo Panula except "All the Good" composed by Jarmo Panula and Akseli Kangas.
All arrangements by Slivers of Silence.
Cover art by Suvi-Marja Tuulia.


released September 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Slivers of Silence Vaasa, Finland

Slivers of Silence is a melancholic metal band from Vaasa, Finland.

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Track Name: All the Good
when the soil stops to feed our fall?
it´s so fine in its winter coat, frozen
when the light stops to give us new hope?
can we make it without hope?

a young pair holding hands
holding hands and they have
pure trust for each other
for the promise they´ve made

the first steps of a child
the sweet scent of spring
a strong faith for the goodness of man
power of will

still, broken and helpless she lies
on a journey all without a guide, no strength
she´s beyond all that what can be seen
I can still take her palm and sing

sing while she sleeps
sing that old song she knows
which for long
for long has been left unsung
Track Name: Funeral Day
world on our hands
crossroads all past
have we done the best we can?
in sunlight we stand

tears of the earth
land barren and burnt
home of love and trust and hope
she´s sick, she is hurt

time is too late to change
we watch her decaying
nothing remains
on her funeral day
can you honestly say
we tried to save you

swaying my child
singing her lies
you will live a long good life
we are allright

I don´t know about you
but I must say I can´t lie
on a funeral day
Track Name: We Raised the Storm
the road of true brigade
a ship over sea
the day was clear, men said
farewell to families

they weren´t afraid
the bravest of the brave
they will save us again
was once more said

the sea
the wind
darkness entered

murderer storm rose again
in the ocean without help
bitter land rose to revenge
raging waters took them away

an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth
would they´ve deserved a better doom?
bitter land rose to revenge
raging waters took them away

don´t try to play god
don´t rise against greater than you
pieces of grey steel
oil and blood and dreams

floating on the waves
on the second level
left behind only tears
this is hopeless
Track Name: Collapsing Towers
above the sleeping city
dancing on a string
so high she can almost see
the Pripyat ferris wheel

the only
option to think
is to continue with
the old strategies
idea and practice
they seldom meet
the death of humanity

white great light fills the horizon
for a moment all is quiet
floating in the silent
and bursting away

the sky´s on fire!

towers collapsed
concrete back to sand
ash fills the air
700 million people
one explosion

I raise my eyes afraid
no time to say anything
so fast all is over
so fast I was dead

it´s so silent
you can´t hear a whisper
Track Name: The Cold Grey Swallows
heavy rain drumming the asphalt
furious waves breaking the shore
the smoke, the haze, broken windows
abandoned houses, desolated yards

again another storm!

we have darkened the sun
we have painted our home city black
we have drifted into a world without colours
hope is dead!
the cold grey swallows

oh, the lack of consideration
is the greatest of sicknesses
self-centeredness is the reason
numb with materia, numb with consuming

into this greed we have drowned
to this filth suffocated
my heart is black
my heart is stone