Into Glistening Waters

by Slivers of Silence

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released November 22, 2014

Drums recorded by Teemu Siipola. All other instruments recorded by Sami Koivisto. Mixed and mastered by Sami Koivisto.
Cover art by Suvi-Marja Tuulia.



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Slivers of Silence Vaasa, Finland

Slivers of Silence is a melancholic metal band from Vaasa, Finland.

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Track Name: Moscow, New York
Imagine a sand beach
Imagine yourself as one small grain
Among millions like you
Imagine an ocean
Infinite, endlessly deep
Imagine yourself as one small grain

No goals, no dreams, no hope
I'm just indifferent
and tired

My mother said that as a child I was a little shy but joyful
I pointed cities from the world map
and said that there we must go
Nowadays I don’t even want to get out from the front door
It is the world that's bad, not me - it made me like this

yourself like me
puny, useless, worthless, garbage
with only dark thoughts in your head

Imagine yourself without friends
A secret, no-one to tell
Imagine dreaming of murder with no consequences

I used to love but now she's gone
I used to hate but I don't know how to anymore
I used to get drunk
but it doesn't make me feel any different anymore
I used to dream but today I decided to stop that too
Track Name: On a Summer's Day
Outside my home there's bright
June like the longest embrace
On my best days I open
the curtains wide for the shine
But I wait the nightfall to come before I exit

Heart starts to throb
Breath is cutting
I promise myself I won't do this again
On the streets
My lungs are burning
I wish this agony would grow too strong for me

Safe but still oppressive
It´s calm here only in my dreams
I lay down, there's a peace I am searching, you offer me a bit

Here - I draw
A pic of you - We kiss

Here - Nothing evil
can reach - us

It hurts so much to wake up
It hurts so much
Day after day I feed the same lies to myself
I decide these were the last ones

Everything I own
I wreck it all
Chairs to the wall, diplomas to the fire

All of my money to whores
City answers to call of fire
For once they obey, for once they obey me

"Live as if this was the last day of your life"
I know what it means
I know what it means
Track Name: One of You
Never trust a man
They are wicked and evil
They only think about themselves

Once I had some faith
pure and innocent
But I was only a child then
And a child learns by falling
by getting hurt

If one of you
even once
would've come and said
"Hey, this ain't ok"
It would've helped

And if one of you
even once
would've come and said
"Hey, you're one of us"
It would've saved my life

I learned I have flaws
I heard it so many times
But I was only a child then
And a child believes in what he hears
for years and years
Track Name: Bright Dreams
The flowers on the meadow like a blanket over the ground
Fairies descend on the blooms, into hiding they lay down

The sun sets, shadows cast
The meadow whispers friendly words to me, swings us to sleep

Sleep soundly beauties
Let bright dreams compass thee
Beauties, deeply
The whole world sleeps with thee
You are the ones who fly to light up the stars
You are the ones who fly to light up the stars

The sun wakes up to greet the meadow with warmest rays
Fairies fly around to give the flowers a kiss of good day

Colors brighten, shapes clear up
Where's your hiding place, fairies?
Wait for me

It came with the sunrise, the cold
It came with the wind, the evil
I don´t remember how long I have been here
I hold breath cold and wet and afraid
And keep on my escape
Track Name: Into Glistening Waters
Thorn in my heart
has made me
overly numb
I´m not resentful
No more broken
I feel well

When I think the times passed now
they don´t make me that sad
Sometimes things just go the way
they’re meant to go, meant to go

Earth orbits the sun
We're here on our footholds
What is the weight of a blink of an eye?
Eternal universe
We're here with our woes
What is the weight of a blink of an eye?

I lay myself
to float in
silent waters
I get purified
I get enlightened
And all the mourning in the past
turns to be just fading haze above the ocean

As a drop
of the sea
I search the starchart
Ageless is
this sea
But my time here is out
I turn into steam

I´m sorry mother and father you´re not the ones to blame
Though I never became anything don´t feel guilt for this
It is just far too easy to cover your eyes in front of this world
Far too easy to leave - when nothing but nothingness awaits